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Start Here

Everything you need to know about getting started with cannabis. We answer your questions, teach you how to pick a strain, and go over methods of use.


Browse all of our resources articles here, or scroll down to browse them by category.


The A-Z glossary featuring terms like calyxes, cannabinoids, pistils, shatter, terpenes, vaping, and more.

Medical Cannabis

Your guide to New York's Medical Marijuana program, dispensaries, costs, and more.

Legal Information

Find out what you need to know about cannabis in New York State, traveling with cannabis, decriminalization, and more.


Find the answers to your THC questions here. Questions like "How long is THC's half-life?" and "How does THC work?" 

Anatomy of the Cannabis Plant

Learn about the parts of the cannabis plant, how it grows, it's history, and more.


Find the answers to your CBD questions here. Questions like "Why can't we buy CBD in food items in New York?" and "How does CBD work?" 

Uses + Mediums

There are more than 30 ways to use cannabis. We made a guide to answer your questions about dabbing, vaping, smoking, and all of the other ways you can consume cannabis. 

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